How Chat GPT Saved Me 5 Hours A Week (And Can Help You Too!)

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Published On: April 10, 2023

Chat GPT is all the rage currently and is promising to alter the traditional job market forever which has people fearful for their jobs. 

I took a deep dive into it with my own tasks and found some promising results and some less promising ones.

If you want to learn how my experience was with Chat GPT and some ideas how it can benefit you and your business, keep reading more.


This article is NOT written by Chat GPT.

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AI Software - Is It Worthwhile For Your Business?

In the past, I’ve tried other AI (Artificial Intelligence) software pieces and found them lackluster. The promise of using AI software is that it will reduce errors, save time, and help increase productivity.

That sounds great on paper, but you still need people to tell it what to do so it performs properly.

This means investing time and energy into learning how the platform works (unless you want to outsource someone to write the scripts for you).

Here Are A Few Examples That I Found Value With For My Business:

1) Research

Chat GPT (provided it has the correct prompts and scripts) can save HOURS of research into a topic for your business you’re trying to learn more about. Maybe this is a client's problem you’re trying to solve, a new skill to teach yourself, or a repetitive task.

2) Save Time

I was able to save hours a week with repetitive tasks, but it’s important to make sure to double check the results and that the results are correct!

3) Allowing Me To Approach Problems Differently

Having the ability to have another pair of (digital) eyes to examine a problem and rephrase it opened up new possibilities to solve problems.

So, how can Chat GPT help your business?

Using it to perform mundane and redundant tasks reduces errors, saves time and increases productivity to focus on larger problems that require a human to solve.

Some of these might be complex calculations, brainstorming ideas for client projects, helping with writing copy for you / creating content, and helping solve problems you’re stumped with.

Remember, Chat GPT learns from inquiries. The more you use it, the more it learns but the caveat is that it saves everyone's inquiries and responses to learn better so it’s best to not use it for sensitive information.

If you’d like to learn more or request a quote for custom Chat GPT prompts and scripts for your business, we’re happy to help!

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